What to do?

Numerous suggestions for accessible activities in the Region

Culture, Tradition & Patrimony

Lorvão Monastery, Mondego Bookstore, Serra da Atalhada Mills, Mountain Boats of Mondego, National Forest, Palace Hotel and Convent of Santa Cruz and Paths of Batalha do Buçaco, Termas do Luso.

Sports and Water

Reconquinho and Vimieiro River Beaches, Pedestrian Routes and Trails, Sport Fishing, Mountain Biking, Cycling and Motorcycling, River Descents, Rides on Boats in the Mountains of Mondego.


Chanfana, lamprey, eels, river fish and shad, musk rice and sarrabulho porridge, convent sweets from the monastery of Lorvão.


Reconquinho and Vimieiro river beaches, Mondego Bookstore, Buçaco National Forest, Serra da Atalhada, Serra da Lousã.

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